• Between 12hrs to 16hrs work depending on vehicle size
  • Vehicle if treated to the same comprehensive wash and decontamination stages as per the paint protection detail
  • Engine bay cleaned and engine bay trims protected
  • Paintwork treated to a single stage machine polish using our Bigfoot Polishing System to safely remove light swirls and minor paint imperfections with an improvement in the paintwork appearance and gloss
  • Chrome and stainless steel treated and protected
  • All light clusters treated and protected
  • Exhaust tips rejuvenated with specifically designed metal compounds
  • Glass treated with Rupes Crystal Glass polish and further Cleaned with Rupes Glass Cleaner
  • Interior vacuumed and wiped down using interior cleaner
  • Interior treated with interior spray containing UV protection

      Paint protection Options:

  • Paintwork protected with Rupes Protective Sealant
  • Upgrade to Swissvax High grade Carnauba wax From R750
  • Upgrade to Gtechniq Ceramic Coating from R1785
Small/Medium Car (Porsche Boxster, Audi A3 etc.) R7500 ex vat
Large Car (Porsche Macan, BMW 5 Series etc.) R8900 ex vat
SUV (Range Rover, Cayenne, X5 etc) R10000 ex vat